Wedding Card Keepsake


Have you ever had an event in your life where you received numerous meaningful cards that you just couldn’t get rid of? How about you create a book for them so that they can be easily viewed and organized? See below for my Wedding Card Keepsake!


1. Put cards in the order that you would like them to be displayed. (Be sure to pick a good card for the top!


2.  Hole punch each card individually–I just used the bottom 2 punches on a 3 hole punch. Personally, I liked how they were all lined up from the bottom.


3.  Stack the cards back in the order you first chose.  Take a string, rope, a piece of fabric, or even an old belt(!) and pass it from the top card through each of the below cards.  After threading through each card to the bottom, thread back through the top and tie the string to itself. Cut off excess string. Vwallah! A wedding card keepsake!






Please let me know your thoughts!

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