Easy Sew T-shirt Transformation

Do you have an old t-shirt that you love, but are tired of the same old “t-shirt look”? Try transforming it into something new that can be worn again and again! Here’s an easy tutorial to do just that-take a look at the before and after:



First we will start by making a few cuts. This was the scariest part for me because this t-shirt was one of my favorites and I was afraid of ruining it. Trust me that these cuts are easy and will work!

1. First, cut the sleeves off. Next, cut a horizontal line right under the collar. I used a ruler and chalk to mark the line before I cut.




2. Cut the bottom seam of the shirt off. This will give you a loop of fabric. This fabric can be discarded. Cut another strip above this 1/2 inch wide. This strip will be the string that is threaded at the top of the shirt. You can set this aside for a while-it will be used later.


3. Fold the top front of the shirt down 1″ (towards the inside) and pin. Do the same to the top of the back of the shirt (still to the inside).



4. Sew both the front and the back on a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Remember to back stick at the beginning and end to lock in the stitches!




5. Trim the excess fabric of your sewed edges.

6. Take the 1/2 inch ribbon and cut the strip so your loop becomes one long cord. Hook a safety pin on one end of the cord. Thread this through the small opening that you just sewed. Start at the front panel and look around to the back.



7. Tie the cord in a bow or sew in place–then you are done!! What do you think of this easy t-shirt transformation??




Oh and and added bonus? You can dress your pup (or any other little one) up in the t-shirt scraps!



Please let me know your thoughts!

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