Football Team Banner

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as “too much spirit” when it comes to Hokie Football! To share my spirit, I decided to make a football team banner that reads “Go Hokies” out of footballs. I put this up on my fireplace mantel and I’m planning to keep it there until the season is over! The best part was that I used materials that I already had on hand, and I’m sure many of you do too! 🙂 See below for how I did it! 🙂


First I took a cardboard box, drew a football shape, and cut it out with a X-Acto knife. I then used this piece as a stencil to draw 9 additional footballs (making 10 total).  How many you make will depend on your saying. I used “GoHokies” (8 letters) with no spaces and then two blank footballs at the end.

084 086

Next, I painted the backs of the footballs black and the front a darker brown. You can leave it the light cardboard color if you want, but I liked the darker look better for my house.

088 060

I really wanted to add a texture, but couldn’t find anything that I liked. Trust me, I tried a couple different paint techniques, a crayon, etc.  I finally decided that a pattern would suit these tiny footballs better. Thus, I came up with perpendicular lines!  I used a dark brown marker to draw the pattern on each football. In the up close picture below it might look a little strange, but from far away and when they are all together, I like the extra effect it gives.

009072014 161

Next, I painted the laces in white and the letters in gold. I outlined the gold letters with gold puffy paint just to make them stand out some more.   Then, I punch holes in each end of the football (a normal paper hole punch will work) and strung some twine through the holes from front-to-back.  Finally, I tied some maroon and orange ribbon onto both ends and hung it on the mantel! Here’s a close up:


I have received many compliments from all the football fans that visit. Like I said, this banner won’t come down until the season is over! 🙂 Yay for football!

009072014 188




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