“Fall” Burlap Banner

Fall Banner

Fall Burlap Banners are “all the rage” in today’s home décor. I see them for sale in almost every store I go into (but I would rather not pay the price they are asking).   A blog I follow called “Happy Cozy Home” (check out her blog by clicking on her name–it’s wonderful!), created a Fall Banner for her home and I wanted to do the same. Here is the link to her Fall Banner>>”Burlap Banner DIY“. I used her tutorial to make mine!

In some other tutorials I saw, people were able to thread the twine through the burlap (I tried…and failed….), so I used hot glue to attach the burlap to the string. 🙂 I also made the orange polka dot banner out of some thick scrapbook paper to add some color to my front foyer table.

Banners are so easy to make and really can spruce up any space (for any season too!)!


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