July Blog Goals

When I started blogging last year, I LOVED it. I enjoyed cooking and crafting and sharing my ideas with everyone. 

Then…Christmas rolled around. I crafted so many decorations and was very proud of my Christmas Creations. I had every intention of sharing them on my blog but I got so caught up in shopping and cleaning and the normal hustle of the Christmas season, so I never got around to it. 
Fast forward to Christmas Day when I was gifted (by my wonderful husband who thankfully puts up with my cooking experiments/crazy glitter crafts) a Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine! Wow! The possibilities that this machine has given me are endless and I quickly became obsessed. I have done so many projects with this machine and now feel pretty comfortable with it.  

6 months after getting this new toy….I realized that I was missing my blog. I was so focused on embroidering items (which I still love to do), but wanted to be able to spend my time on crafts and cooking again too! 

So here we are. It’s July and I want to jump back in headfirst. I’ve set some goals for myself to make sure that I stay on track. (I’m a huge Type A person so goals are a good thing…)

I’d like to share my goals here so that I can stay accountable to achieving them! (These goals are very low, but I figured I should start with low expectations just to see how it goes!)

My July goals:

  • Write 10 Blog Posts (this one doesn’t count!)
  • Receive at least two comments
  • Gain 1 new follower

I guess only the first bullet point is directly under my control…but the more/better/more interesting I write, the more views I get (and hopefully a comment/follower along the way)!

Wish me luck! 


Please let me know your thoughts!

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