DIY Chevron American Flag Decor

DIY Chevron American Flag Decor


Who says that American flag décor has to be taken down after Independence Day?  I may be a little biased, but I firmly believe that we live in the best country in the world, so why not boast our pride?  Let’s keep the red, white, and blue lighting up our homes 365 days a year!

As a “newer” home owner, my collection of holiday décor is very limited.  Rather than purchase already completed décor, I enjoy making items for myself.  My secret dream is that my (future) kids (or grandkids!) will find my crafted items packed up in the attic after I’m gone and be impressed with my creativity.  I know that’s a ridiculous thought, but I can dream.

Today I would like to share a custom American flag door hanger I made to display on my front door for this years’ Independence Day Festivities.

The wood that I used was reclaimed from my family’s horse barn, so this craft did not cost me a penny!  I love the rustic look that weathered wood gives home décor items.

Instructions for DIY American Flag Wooden Door Hanger Tutorial


  • 3 – Slightly-sanded Wooden Pieces (Mine were 6”x24”, but you can use any size wood that you have handy)
  • 2 – Smaller wooden pieces to join larger pieces (mine were approx. 2”x15”)
  • 6 – Screws
  • Red, white, and blue paint
  • Circular Stencil/Kitchen Plate/Compass
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Ruler


  1. Arrange your three main pieces of wood upside down on a flat work bench.
    Chevron American Flag Decor
  2. Place the two smaller wooden pieces perpendicularly on either side of the boards like shown.
  3. Screw in 6 screws (one on each board) to attach the pieces together.  You will end up with one rectangular flag-like shaped wooden piece.
    Chevron American Flag Decor
  4. Paint the entire “flag” white.
    Chevron American Flag Decor
  5. Paint the upper left corner blue.
    Chevron American Flag Decor
  6. To make the chevron stripes, draw a 2” grid and connect the corners in a chevron-like pattern (alternating angles for ech square).
    Chevron American Flag DecorChevron American Flag Decor
  7. Paint every other “stripe” red. I did a couple coats for the stripes to make them more vibrant.
  8. For the blue section, trace a circle in the center of the blue area.  Use anything circular that you have handy—I used a circular kitchen saucer.
  9. Freehand your initial in the circle. Paint stars of varying sizes around the circle.

Chevron American Flag Decor

Chevron American Flag Decor

Chevron American Flag Decor

DIY Chevron American Flag Decor


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