DIY Mailbox Makeover


Early this spring, we decided to upgrade our curb appeal with a mailbox makeover.  Here’s the before picture—YUCK. I can’t believe we let it look like this for so long!

Mailbox Makeover-Before

Eventually we want to makeover our remaining front landscaping, so this was sort of a test project for us.  I’d say we were pretty successful!  The before and after is unbelievable! I can’t believe we did it all by ourselves too.  A huge shout out goes to the Handy Owner Tutorial where we first got the idea.

We made some modifications which I will try to detail here.


  • Pavers/stones
  • Gravel
  • Masonry Cement
  • Gravel Compactor
  • Shovel
  • Newspaper
  • Top Soil
  • Mulch
  • Outdoor paint (if you want to paint mailbox post)

First, we removed the overgrown bush and dug up some large rocks that were hidden underground. We also removed the old mailbox because it had some dents.  We purchased a new one metal one—dent free!


Here are the steps we used to finish our project:

Make the ground level—we used the gravel compactor and the shovel to make sure the bottom level of stones would be level.

Pour the gravel along where the stones will go and hose down with water.  Use the gravel compactor again to make sure the gravel settles in well.

Place the stones firmly along where you put the gravel.  {In this step we also painted the mailbox post a brighter brown using outdoor paint (I’m sure there’s a more technical name for it…but I honestly just asked the guy at the counter at Lowe’s for an outdoor brown paint!).}


Add the next layer of stones and secure the two levels together with Masonry Cement.  Mix the cement in a bucket and use it generously to make sure they are secure.  Follow the directions on the package for best results.


Once the stones are settled, it’s time to fill the inside!  This was my favorite part.  We layed newspaper as a decomposable weed solution.  Make sure to wet the newspaper to keep it from flying away!  Fill with topsoil.  This is also the time you will put in your flowers.  Top with mulch.


Mailbox Makeover-After 068

Here is our final product! How do you like our mailbox makeover?

We actually finished this project back in early Spring–look how much the Geranium has spread out and bloomed over the Summer months! I just love it!


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