About Me

My Journey to Becoming a Housewife:


As weird as it sounds, I’m 23 years old and I’m already a Housewife. Granted, I’ve only been a housewife for 4 months (3 months if you take out the time I was an “Apartment-wife”), but still—I’m married and I live in a house, thus I am a “Housewife”.

Here’s how it happened:

July 4th: He proposed—I said yes!


October 1st: Started my first “Big Girl” job.

December 13th: Left my first “Big Girl” job…..first one’s not for everyone!

(Message me if you need tips on career changes!)

December 16th: Started my 2nd “Big Girl” job/Career/Best Job to date!

February 3rd: Major surgery….but I didn’t let it keep me down—I had a wedding to plan!

March 7th-9th: Bachelorette Weekend


April 12th: Our special day! It was held at West Manor Estate in Forest, VA.


April 13th-20th: Honeymoon-Cancun, MX!

2014-04-14 15.38.15

May 10th: Pass my final CPA exam! (Yep, I’m a nerdy accountant!)

May 22nd: We moved into our first house in a lovely family friendly neighborhood.



To top it all off:

July 4th: WE GOT A GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY! Now I’m not only a housewife, but a dog mom! 🙂

(Click Here) for pictures of our fluffy pooch!


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